Lolly Owens, ISEA Award Winning Contemporary Artist

Pricing and Commissions

Some artists do not publish pricing. I’m not sure why. If you want to buy anything you have some idea of what is costs. Art can be expensive.

I want you to know upfront what you are going to spend to have my art in your home. This way we can get to the best parts of buying my art…the energy, the feeling and the joy of owning an original Lolly Owens art work.

A quick word about commission…

They are a wonderful way to work more closely with me on something special. If you see something that is already sold, if you love something that is the wrong size for your space, if you love a piece but the colors are just not your thing, if you have some meaningful to you wording you would like on a piece…get in touch with me I’m happy to create something just for you.

Artwork Pricing

Prices of my artwork are based on square inch and range from $1.00 to $2.50 per square inch. Pricing is dependent on size, materials used and history of the work (if it were selected for international exhibit, featured in a catalog or art magazine, won a major award, etc.) Unframed and frame works on paper have a different price structure. Please contact me for the price of a piece you see on my web site.

All Credit Cards Accepted.

Prices are raised by 10% each year. Your investment in my art increases 10% each year you own it. If you ever want to sell the work, add 10% for each year you owned to the original price.