Lolly Owens, ISEA Award Winning Contemporary Artist

New Work

  • That Girl No.44

    "That Girl No.44"
    24" x 24" x 2"
    wood cradle panel, mixed media, $630
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  • Cosmic Love

    "Cosmic Love"
    48" x 48" x 1.75"
    acrylic on canvas, $2800
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  • Joy

    40" x 40" x 1.55"
    acrylic on canvas, $1800
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  • 40”x40”x1.5”
  • That Girl No.54

    "That Girl No. 54 With Theban Alphabet"
    20" x 16" x .75"
    mixed media on panel, $350
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  • Those Girls

    "That Girl No.49 Those Girls"
    18" x 18" x 1.5"
    mixed media on wood cradle panel, $350
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  • F 470

    "6 x 6" (Sold)
    6" x 6" x .78"
    paper on 36 individual wood panels
    Can be arranged in different ways, $2,375
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  • That Girl Dolly

    "That Girl Dolly"
    7" x 5"
    acrylic on paper. In Private Collection
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  • That Girl No.50

    "That Girl No.50"
    24” x 24” x 2”
    mixed media on wood cradle panel, $576
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  • buoyancy

    24" x 24" x 2"
    mixed media on wood cradle panel, $576
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  • Heart Feels Everything

    "That Girl No.32 Heart Feels Everything" (Sold)
    14" x 14" x .50"
    mixed media panel framed, $296
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  • La Nubia

    "La Nubia" (Sold)
    36" x 12" x .50"
    acrylic on panel framed, $540
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  • That Girl No.48

    "That Girl No.48 Uncovered"
    24" x 24" x 2"
    wood cradle panel, $576
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  • Heart Takes Flight

    "That Girl No.36 Heart Takes Flight"
    24" x 24" x 1.5"
    wood cradle panel, $776
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  • That Girl No.26

    "That Girl No.26"
    24" x 24" x.50"
    acrylic on cradle panel, $576
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Artist Statement

My work is about trying to connect with people in a visual way. I work in layers and often have to make order out of chaos rather than follow a set plan. I take risks on paper, canvas or panel to bring a fresh perspective to the viewer. My work reflects my internal world. Many contain hidden symbols and faces. I am inspired by Matisse who said “There is no greatness in making eyes, a nose or mouth. Accuracy is not truth.” I want you to feel what my subject feels. I use acrylic, found objects and handmade items to convey the message of following your heart through life’s tensions.


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"That Girl and Friends"

image of that girl

Using found objects, as well as ink, watercolor, and beeswax, Lolly implores the viewer to use the HEART as a COMPASS. A celebration of the inner "HER"!


image of "January Birdsong"

Based on water media, enjoy this abstract tour expressing HOPE, BELIEF, PASSION and IDEAS. Let your imagination soar!

"Spirit Of Women"

image of "Warrior Within"

Casting aside the 'technological and reason-oriented world', - these water media on canvas works evoke women's passion and spirit. The brush is augmented with textured hand made paper and acrylics. Enjoy!

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